Operate at the intersection
of AI and Web3.

Precipitate Protocol provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
RainDrop VPSs

Deploy AI-optimized Virtual Private Servers interfacing with EVM Blockchains

On-Chain Interaction

We have partnered with Unification to access data pulled from Blockchains via UNoDE

Supported Blockchains

Ethereum Mainnet + Testnets (Goerli and Sepolia), Arbitrum Mainnet + Goerli Tesnet, Shibarium testnet (Shibarium mainnet on launch)

Supported AI APIs

GPT-4 , MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, Bard, Google Cloud Natural Language API, Azure Cognition Services, AWS AI Services, IBM Watson

Bridging Web2 to Web3

Register Domains, Host Websites, Deploy Servers, Operate Validators

Pure Web3 Payments

Precipitate exclusively accepts Web3 Payments.
View the accepted cryptocurrencies here.


RAIN is the Precipitate Protocol Infrastructure Token.

The RAIN token unifies the 3 pillars of the Precipitate Protocol: technology, ownership, and governance. The Infrastructure Token is designed to progressively decentralize and democratize the protocol across these 3 aspects. Learn more here.

RAIN is considered a public infrastructure good, and accordingly distributed on the open market for Enterprises, Indie Hackers, and Shadowy Supercoders alike to power Distributed Apps at the interface of Artificial Intelligence and Web3.

RAIN is an ERC-20 Token.

Deploy RainDrops and quickly spin up a virtual server

From Enterprise to IndieHacker, clients of Precipitate Protocol can deploy "Raindrops" to operate at the intersection of AI and Web3.

Raindrops are AI-optimized Virtual Private Servers interfacing with EVM Blockchains.


Infrastructure available in 32 locations worldwide so there is no single point of failure.

Web3 First

Straightforward and affordable pricing, made available through Web3 Native payments.

Control Panel

Expand and manage your infrastructure as you see fit, simply with the click of a button.

Advanced Networking

High speed fiber-optic public and private networks available on demand.


Enable automatic scheduled backups with just a few clicks.

DDoS Protection

For maximum uptime, we offer protection against layer 3 and layer 4 network attacks.


The Precipitate Advantage

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Total Supply
Rainstorm Liquidity Event
Precipitate Marketing Team
Protocol Inventives

Precipitate One-Click Installs of POS Validators

Stake $FUND $QOM $BONE now.
$ETH, $SOL, $ATOM, $AVAX, $DOT coming soon.
Engage AI to auto-optimize between nodes for maximum ROI (coming soon).

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Releases of Precipitate Protocol

Technology Feasibility Studies

Whitepaper Composition

Enterprise Partnerships

Rainstorm Token Distribution (RAIN)
Beta v1.0

PrecipitatePay: Web3 Payments Processing

RainDrops, Hosting, Domains, SSLs

Validator Servers (Unification, Shibarium, Qom One...)

RAINferral Rewards (RAIN Incentives)
Beta v2.0

Privacy VPN Enablement

Anonymized Email Servers

AI-Optimized Servers (GPU Computation)

RAIN Staking (wETH Rewards)

Web3 Node Deployments

AI API Services Integrations

International Business Development

Multitoken Rewards (Joint Validator Incentives)

Instant Validator Deployments

AI Cloud Computing Networking

DAO Governance (Powered by Staked RAIN)

Precipitate Partners Program 

Power Blockchain Validators, Bridge Web2 to Web3, and Interface with AI APIs.

While our toolkit is Open Access, partners benefit from Co-Marketing Initiatives, Priority Support, and Early Feature Access.
To discuss partnering with Precipitate to power your application, contact the team here:


AI API Integrations

Coming soon

OpenAIGoogle CloudMicrosoft AzureMidjourneyStable DiffusionIBM Watson