AI Drop in the Ocean

Today we are delighted to announce the open release of our AI Drops!

These open the portal for running AI Applications on suitably powerful hardware. Furthermore, we proudly offer these in alignment with our ongoing ethos of permissionless-ness, Web3 first, and progressive decentralization.

Accordingly, AI Drops are accessible to all immediately. Our anonymous system and PrecipitatePay makes all our technologies open-access, borderless, and equitable.


NVIDIA A16, NVIDIA A40, and NVIDIA A100 are powerful GPUs that have the potential to revolutionize AI applications. AI Drops can therefore be used to develop and deploy AI applications that are more accurate, efficient, and scalable than ever before.

Specifically, the AI Drop high-end NVIDIA GPUs power AI applications for:

  • Machine learning: NVIDIA GPUs can be used to train large language models, which are used to generate text, translate languages, and answer questions.
  • Computer vision: NVIDIA GPUs can be used to develop real-time object detection and image classification applications.
  • Natural language processing: NVIDIA GPUs can be used to develop chatbots, machine translation systems, and sentiment analysis tools.

The power and potential of AI Drops applications are only beginning to be explored. As AI applications become more sophisticated, these will become even more valuable.

This is but ‘AI Drop in the Ocean’ for Precipitate AI, which is just getting started. Following our ‘RAINmap’ for regular releases of technologies supporting AI and Web3, and specifically the intersection of these, we serve at the helm of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for an emerging wave of innovations.