Let it RAIN…

Precipitate.AI is gearing up to bridge the worlds of Web2, Web3, and AI. While this is no small feat, we fervently believe that the time has come for the fusion of these technologies.

Following in the ethos of our partners the Unification Foundation, we firmly hold to the principle of decentralization. These 3 pillars loom like a raincloud over our direction and decisions:

Decentralization of technology, decentralization of ownership, decentralization of governance.

The RAIN token is the key to all of this. Let’s drop some light on the subject…

Technologically, RAIN was publicly distributed in the Rainstorm event. Going forward, it remains a public Infrastructure Token to be utilized and traded on DEXs (and perhaps also CEXs).

Ownership-wise, to hold RAIN is to hold ownership of Precipitate Protocol. Accordingly, 100 % of RAIN profits will be distributed to RAIN Stakers in the form of Ether (wETH). Stake RAIN, precipitate ETH. More details will be shared with the staking dapp.

Governance too, is to be driven by the RAIN Infrastructure token. It only makes sense that those with “skin-in-the-game”, participate in key decisions regarding the direction of the Protocol. Hence, RAIN will evolve to function as the governance token.

Precipitate has a vision, and we’re now in the stage of execution.

“The Rain begins with a single drop”

— Manal al-Sharif