Precipitating a Vision

Decentralization happens from the bottom up.
From grass roots, to great forests.

We cannot wait for large tech companies or governments to decentralize power, or make it permissionless.
We must build.
Permissionlessly. Openly. For all.

“It is in the roots, not the branches, that a tree’s greatest strength lies.” - Matshona Dhliwayo

The Decentralization Stack is fortunate to stand upon the shoulders of giants.

Beginning from the open nature of the public internet itself, the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol empowers us to interconnect network devices worldwide. Now taken for granted, the growth of this network is a feat that has taken decades, and still growing.

Public Blockchains
Compatively, the growth of public blockchains has been relatively rapid, and we are still just at the beginning. As the largest such chain, Precipitate begins its efforts upon the Ethereum blockchain, with open eyes to other burgeoning and promising chains.

Next, the Unification Foundation toolkit comes into play. Soon to release, the UNoDE technology is instrumental to the realization of Precipitate’s vision. While there are currently few blockchain node providers due to complexity and cost, UNoDE democratizes this technology more widely.

Precipitate is proud to be an early adopter of this tool. Specifically, it will allow Precipitate clients running servers to permissionlessly read/write to blockchains. This effectively adds a layer of utility on top of UNoDE, for applications including, but not limited to Dapps, chain analysis, and data dashboards. Essentially, everything requiring write and/or write access to public blockchains.

A key piece of the Precipitate technology stack is payments. While Web3 payments have their advantages, frankly they have not yet been widely adopted in the business world. We believe a major factor in this to be the “push” mechanism required, as opposed to the “pull” mechanisms predominant in service industries today via tradfi.
For example, SaaS businesses typically depend on recurring payments. Subscriptions work because a customer need only approve once, and payments continue regularly and indefinitely until cancelled.


We are thrilled to incorporate Superfluid as our payment mechanism for two reasons.
1: It is pure Web3. No credit cards, paypal etc. No compromises.
2: It is “streaming money”. Pay for what you use, but not monthly — by the block!

Artificial Intelligence
Finally, at the top of the stack, AI.
Long written about in Sci-Fi, AI is the the technology whose time has finally come!
Towards this, Precipitate envisions enabling major AI APIs into our VPS services, making them “turn-key” enabled. This will serve to expedite AI app/Dapp development by making AI models, plug-and-play.

Precipitate make AI models and blockchain data “plug-and-play”.

Onward we build. Here comes the Rain again.