Two Portals Opening

Precipitate recently announced the addition of ShdwDrive to our supported Validator set.

This is simultaneously an incremental, and an exponential step in the growth of Precipitate Protocol. Let’s break it down…

Incrementally, this is the addition of an excellent Node to our Suite of available Validator Operations. These are excellent and incentivized DePIN tools, and we recommend people to run one. Set it up here. Good.

Exponentially, this initiative opens two portals of non-linear development Precipitate Protocol; namely, Dual Reward Programs, and RAIN going Multi-Chain.

Liquid “DogFooding”

It is worth noting that the ShdwDrive V2 Testnet is Incentivized.
Both Operators and Stakers are incentivized in a 3month rewards period of bootstrapping the network via $SHDW distribution.

Accordingly, two opportunities open up for RainMakers in the Precipitate community:

1- Be a Node Operator

If you would like to run a ShdwDrive D.A.G.G.E.R. Wield Node, you can “Precipitate” the Infrastructure here.

2- Stake SHDW is already running a Wield Node, and Staking SHDW (“Dogfooding” in the tech world).
Anyone can Stake SHDW here.

However, for optimal benefit, we recommend you to Both Run a Node and Stake SHDW.

3- Best of Both Worlds

After you spin up a SHDW Node, you can also Stake SHDW tokens and benefit from the SHDW Staking incentivization.

Stake here:

But wait, there’s more…

In tandem with the SHDW rewards,
Precipitate will match SHDW Staking Rewards in RAIN.
(Dollar value will be matched 1:1).
With rewards provided to the same staking address on Solana.
Distribution will follow after the Testnet program sunsets (April 16th, 2024).

Details from SHDW team:

Two Portals Opening

This modest initiative opens two portals of development:

Dual Rewards

This is the first implementation of a “Dual Reward” mechanism on Precipitate Protocol. There is potential to expand this program to incentivize adoption of the protocol via subsequent products — watch this space.

Blockchain Agnostic Protocol

Firstly, as SHDW is native to the Solana network, the most fluid and trustless method to match rewards is to provide RAIN natively on the same network.
Accordingly, RAIN will gradually be appearing on the Solana network.
(Note that the supply of 1 billion RAIN remains fixed.)