When it Rains, it Pours

Today, following months of development, we are pleased to announce the release of the Precipitate Beta App!

Firstly, we do wish to emphasize that this release is just that — a beta. That is, an initial public release that will see both improvements over time, and expansion of the feature set.

With that said, let’s dig into the details…

Precipitate Beta comprises:

  • A Foundation of Web2 services
  • Web3 Infrastructure
  • Pure Web3 Payments

Web2 Foundation

Just as clouds are seeded by tiny particles, so too Web3 builds upon the foundation of Web2. Recognizing this, we have provided necessary services that form the basis of a healthy tech stack. Within the Precipitate App, clients can register domain names, set up web hosting and email services, as well as install SSL certificates.

Web3 Infrastructure

The Precipitate App includes RainDrops — Virtual Private Servers that can be highly customized to run anything from Enterprise-level Dapps, to Shadowy Supercoder degen farms.

In addition, the Precipitate product suite includes Validator Servers. These provide the specific infrastructure required to spin-up and operate a Web3 Validator. Initially, we are serving Unification (FUND), Qom One (QOM), and Shibarium (BONE) validators. We recognize that these are small, yet passionate communities, and we welcome them to run validators via Precipitate.

An expansion of the validator set is planned for the near future. If you are a developer or community member that would like to see your POS Validator supported, please apply here.

Pure Web3 Payments

At Precipitate, we believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of value. Accordingly, our services operate exclusively via Web3 Payments. While this may act as a barrier for some potential clients who prefer TradFi, we remain committed to Web3 payments and the associated values of soveriengty, privacy, and anonymity.

For now, our custom payments module PrecipitatePay, supports most major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Any projects or communities that would like to to see their coin/token added, can Apply to list token on PrecipitatePay.

Clouds upon the Horizon

We have been committed to delivering in September, come rain or shine, and we are proud to have delivered today. However, the Precipitate journey is just getting started…

Upon the foundation of our beta, an exciting “RainMap” lies ahead. Already, we are looking towards the RAINferral Rewards and Staking programs, expanding the range of POS Validators, AI API integrations, and more!

If you are reading this, we’re glad you’re with us on this journey!
Let’s make it Rain together.